National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

Text: 988

There are numerous websites that have information on depression, PTSD, and Suicide, the signs and symptoms, treatment options, and outreach for help. Please look at these websites for more information.

24-hour hotlines for support

This site describes depression, risk factors, treatments, and related conditions.

This site covers symptoms, causes, treatments, Natural remedies, lifestyle tips, types, a test, and other mental health issues.

This site covers what is depression, its symptoms, depression in children and teens, causes, types of depression, accompanying illnesses, diagnosis, and suicide.

This site has a list of many mental health conditions and disorders, their symptoms, treatments and research.

This site has the different types of depression, symptoms, risk factors, treatments and therapies.

This site has suicide awareness, prevention, and online support groups.

This site has information regarding PTSD, treatment options, tools and resources.

This site has information on depression, treatments, tools and resources for Veterans.

This site has many mental health articles on a variety of topics.